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The Engineering Outreach Program office in the College of Engineering also maintains a Community Outreach website for information about faculty and student outreach activities.

Engineering Outreach
Programs for K-12

Young Scientists of America® promotes an interest in science, math, and technology in young people ages 8-18 through hands-on experience in scientific or technical areas with the interaction of sponsors, mentors or instructors. A series of activity project/levels are available in each of the following areas: (1) metalworking, (2) woods shop, (3) electrical and electronic, (4) physical science/discovery (5) plastics injection molding. Activities in these areas are designed to motivate and stimulate the Young Scientist.

Programs and activities are extremely flexible, particularly designed for practicality and fun.

  • SAFETY: Activity projects that take place in equipment laboratories follow rigorous safety guidelines.

  • ENROLLEES: Young scientists and mentors/trainers.

  • UNIVERSITY STUDENT MENTORS: Important roles for students are available. Please see the volunteer form.

  • HANDS-ON LEARNING KITS: Visit the tutorials page.

Every year students attend these outreach programs to explore the different types of engineering and to recruit future engineers, including women and minority students. These students not only get to observe demonstrations, but they also get to participate. The outreach programs are designed to educate and to expose K-12 students to different fields of engineering disciplines.

The Top 10 Benefits of Being an Engineer

In his book Studying Engineering, Raymond Landis, dean of engineering and technology at California State University, Los Angeles, lists the following "Top 10" rewards and opportunities that an engineering career offers:

  1. Job Satisfaction
  2. Challenging Work
  3. Social Impact
  4. Prestige
  5. Technological and Scientific Discovery

  1. Varied Opportunities
  2. Intellectual Development
  3. Financial Security
  4. Professional Environment
  5. Creative Thinking

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